A New Job At Anatta Design

Having decided to steer my career toward WordPress, I started contributing to open source WordPress plugins. These contributions eventually led me to a new job at Anatta Design.

My colleagues would always tell me that switching languages is a bad idea. They would insist that affects career growth and the pay. By the time I left Infosys, I realized that I had written production code in five different languages. Most of these on my own will and sometimes, out of project necessity. Having experienced the exposure to different technologies, I felt this exposure is an added advantage. The diverse experience puts you in different perspectives to understand a problem in first case, and also when you’re trying to solve the problem.

Solving problems is what I enjoy the most. Technologies and languages helps you to do that in different ways.

Why Anatta Design?

After the initial calls and the interview, I found Anatta Design to be a good match.

Anatta Design is a team of really brilliant engineers focusing on designing custom solutions to e-commerce businesses. They primarily focus on solutions using WordPress and Magento. The company follows a flat hierarchy and a no dress code culture.

Having joined Anatta, I get to choose my own set of tools to work, which I was missing in my previous companies. Going to work in your favorite Tee and trousers/shorts, completely changes the way I work and I absolutely love it. My work is focused on WordPress, PHP and MySQL. The preferred platform of choice is the Linux (Ubuntu distro to be specific) and I’m getting comfortable with it.

Each phase of our lives shapes us to the next one and I’m looking forward to this new phase, of my life.

Adieu Infosys

This October, I’d bid adieu to Infosys to pursue my interest in developing applications with WordPress.

I had been working in Infosys for a little over 2 years. Little did I know about the opportunity to work on WordPress, as a day job, would strike me, I felt that it was the right time to make a move. And, so I did.

The Infosys Journey

I still remember the first day when I entered Infosys headquarters, the office where I worked. Infosys needs no introduction and is the third largest IT services company in India. The place was amazing with head turning buildings, abundant trees, fish ponds, huge food courts and with awesome people around. I was so proud to be part of Infosys and I still do.

Throughout my stint, I’ve been put in different projects and technologies and been with people who are inspiring in one way or the other. I was lucky to an extent, to pursue work on the technologies I loved.

I’ve made couple of friends who filled my heart with joy and I’m always grateful to those folks. I will, forever, cherish those joyous moments.

It was really a tough call, to choose to move out of Infosys, to purse my interest in developing web and WordPress applications. But I believe that I did the right thing. On my last working day, I came out with mixed feelings and long-lasting good memories.

Wait But Why?

Infosys is a great place to work. There is no doubt about it.

Developing web applications with WordPress and PHP is something that I wanted to do, since the beginning of this year as I enjoy doing it. I’ve been playing around with WordPress since my college days. The way these open source communities evolve excites me and I wanted to be part of it.

Also, my perspective on life changed when I started reading books, listening to podcasts and started interacting with inspiring people like Sudar, Saurabh and Nirav. All these broadened my views on life.

Imagine, if you draw a box for every week of your entire life (ie. 52 boxes for a year x 90 years), your life would fit in, on an A4 sheet. Those are your weeks and they’re all you’ve got. Here is a visual representation of the same shown by WaitButWhy.com.

I felt that I should start doing things I enjoy more, as my weekly boxes are checked off. All these made sense to me and I chose to work primarily on WordPress and PHP.