How To Hide Opt-ins In WordPress Using jQuery?

In this post I’ll share how I managed to hide an Optin, that did not hide as expected even after changing the settings in the OptinMonster plugin.

I’ve been working on one of the WordPress projects, that uses OptinMonster a lot. If you’re new to OptinMonster, then checkout OptinMonster’s website to learn what it is and what you can do with it.

What Problem Did I face?

The client wanted to show Optins only for logged-out Users yet the Optins’ were popping up even for logged-in users. Normally, we can use Optin Monster’s output settings to hide Optins to logged-in users. But in my case, this did not happen and the Optins continued to pop up for all users.

How Did I Solve?

Having tried the display settings in the Optin Monster plugin, I found from their docs that I could use their Javascript events API to stop Optins from popping up. I plugged the following snippet only to logged-in Users using wp_enqueue_script function and Conditional tags.

This snippet will be handy if you happen to deal with Optins that are real monsters.

Flipkart? A Big No!

In this blog post, I’ll share my Flipkart shopping experience that eventually led me to stop buying from Flipkart.

My intention in this post is to not to stop you purchasing from Flipkart, rather to share my experience so you can decide for yourself.

Upgrading To K6 Power From K4 Note

I have been using Lenovo K4 Note since its launch in Feb, 2016 and I was happy with the overall experience. I liked the responsiveness of Lenovo K4 Note and did not like the touch experience in other Android phones, in similar price range. Being a happy customer of Lenovo K4 Note, I decided to upgrade my phone when Lenovo announced the launch of Lenovo K6 Power.

Raising Return Request After Phone Was Found Defective

Lenovo launched the K6 Power through their online retailer, Flipkart. I purchased the K6 Power from Flipkart on Feb 23, 2017. Within the first few days, I discovered that the other party with whom I was on call was not able to hear my voice. When I used a different phone this was not the case. So, I found that the phone was defective and raised a return request on Flipkart. The return process involves a technician visit to investigate the phone and then approve/deny the request based on the investigation.

Flipkart’s Way Of Saying No

While raising the return request, I specifically mentioned that the technical visit has to happen at a different address than the original purchase address. I was promised by Flipkart’s customer support team that the change in address was taken care of. Two days later, I received a call from Flipkart’s technician asking for my purchase address to investigate the phone. I replied him saying the technician visit has to happen in a different address than the original purchase address and this was conveyed to Flipkart. He then asked me to check with Flipkart customer support team to get the address issue clarified.

The following day, I received an SMS from Flipkart saying that the Technician visit was cancelled without specifying the reason. This sounded rude and disgusting to me.

Flipkart Covers Mistakes By Apologies

When I called Flipkart Customer support team to check the reason why the technician visit was cancelled, they apologized without giving me a reason. I called couple of times and found the reason updated on Flipkart by the technician was that the customer was not reachable on phone. This was painful to know because the technician spoke to me and advised to call Flipkart customer support team.

At this juncture, I was totally pissed off because I made sure that the change in address was notified to the Flipkart customer support team during my first call to Flipkart. I, again, called the support team and got my technician visit scheduled. And once again, they sent an SMS after 5 days saying that technician visit was not possible. And this time I found that it was because I fell out of the replacement window. The replacement window is 10 days from the purchase date. Each time, I called the customer support team, I had to explain the whole story and had to undergo lot of mental stress.

Flipkart Responds Only To Social Shouts

I, then, chose to take this issue to social media and notified Flipkart via Twitter. I got a call from the Social media team asking about the problem that I faced. I had to repeat the whole story again and they scheduled the technician visit to the new address. At this juncture, I already lost the trust which I had on Flipkart. Having spent about 10,000 INR, I badly wanted to get my phone replaced.

I was waiting for the call from the technician and when the local support team called me to check my availability, I mentioned that I would be available in the morning between 9:00 and 11.30. They replied back saying they would send the technician during the specified hours. But on the specified day, no one turned up and I was frustrated. And later in the day, the same person from the Flipkart’s local support team called and asked if I would be available in the evening. I replied them saying that I would be available only in the morning and they could re-schedule the visit on the following day.

Finally Got My Phone Fixed

Two days later, the technician arrived during the time I specified and investigated my phone. After a while, he said he had fixed my phone. I checked the phone myself and found it to be working. Though my phone perfectly works yet I completely lost the trust on Flipkart. Since then, I decided not to buy from Flipkart and I don’t recommend it to my friends, either.

More than spending money, the stress I had to undergo was huge and I have beautiful things to do in my life rather than repeatedly calling Flipkart customer support. I’ve, also, stopped recommending Flipkart to friends and family.

How To Install MySQL Using Homebrew On Mac OS?

In this post, I will be walking you through how I installed MySQL on my MacBook Pro.

I, recently, purchased a MacBook Pro and this serves as the go to toy for all my programming stuffs that I do at home. Mac OS is fairly new to me and I wanted to install MySQL on it, to play with WordPress installations locally.

I will be using Homebrew to install MySQL on Mac OS. Homebrew is the package manager for Mac OS and I highly recommend it. If you are new to Homebrew, then I recommend that you read this post from Tutsplus before you continue reading further.

Now that you know what Homebrew is, let me show you, how I installed MySQL on Mac OS.

If you haven’t installed Homebrew already, on your Mac OS, you can follow the install instructions on Homebrew website to get Homebrew installed. Let’s brew it!

Step 01: Fire up the Terminal and execute brew doctor. This command checks for potential problems with Homebrew. You can ignore the warnings that you get when you run this command, but not errors.

Step 02: Now, run brew update to update Homebrew and all new formulae.

Formulae are instructions for Homebrew on how to install specific software and where to find the necessary files and dependencies.

Step 03: Now we can install MySQL by running the command brew install mysql. Now you can sit back and relax while Homebrew installs MySQL and it’s the dependencies.

Once installed, you can connect to MySQL using the command mysql -u root.

You can continue using local MySQL without a passowrd. But, I prefer to secure my local installation and in order to that, we can run the mysql_secure_installation command. Setting the password, from here on, is self explanatory.

Below are all the terminal commands needed for the complete installation of MySQL.

What’s After Schooling?

Honestly, I did not have an answer myself when I completed my schooling. I feel obliged to share few thoughts that I observed after attending a seminar organized for students who are aspiring to choose a path after schooling.

Today, I, along with my family, attended a seminar organized for students who are aspiring to choose a path in life after schooling. The seminar was organized by and conducted at Knowledge Institute of Technology, Salem.

I feel responsible to share, a few thoughts after listening to Mr. Sujith Kumar’s speech. This post is to help students and parents who are trying to figure out the best course and the college.

Sujith needs no introduction, but if you haven’t heard about him and his work, then read this article on The Better India.

Sujith’s speech was focussed on what parents and students must do after schooling. I wanted to share the core of his speech because his words should reach and help the other folks out there.

Here are couple of thoughts to parents and students from Sujith.

Few Thoughts To Parents

  • Listen to your children even if they share things that doesn’t makes sense. The key here is to communicate, listen and understand their interest in life.

  • When you and your child doesn’t really know about the courses to pursue after schooling, get advice from a Career Counsellor.

  • Don’t let the Counsellor make a choice for your child. Instead, get to know the options and let you and your child choose the best.

  • Understand that your child has his own weaknesses and strengths as well. Appreciate his/her strengths, motivate them, talk to them and embrace their failures.

  • Never, ever, compare your child with other children. Everyone is unique. What works your friends/colleagues children may not work for your children and understand this it is the vice versa.

  • Don’t force your dreams on your children. Fulfilling your dreams through your children is a crime. Instead, share your dreams, and let your Children pursue it, if they’re into it.

Few Thoughts To Students

  • 99% of the students do not have any idea on what they want to pursue. So, Students must listen to their parents.

  • Talk to your parents frequently as you do with your friends.

  • Visit the colleges, that you have in mind, with your parents, and talk to the students who are studying in the college. No one else can tell you better about the college.

  • Choose a college that invest in Training faculties and studies rather than colleges that invest in Infrastructure development.

  • Students, understand, that if you have three meals a day and a roof to sleep, you’re fortunate that many others out there. It is a luxury that many students of your age lack today.

  • We’re now in the fourth industrial revolution and we expect job losses due to automation and the technology advancement. So it is not only important to learn things by understanding them, but also, invest time online beyond your college books to acquire deep and additional knowledge on your subjects and produce things, to stand out.