[30 Days] Trading WhatsApp For Reading

I wanted to try something new for the next 30 days. So here I begin.

I have read about and watched Matt Cutt’s talk on Try something new for 30 days. But I haven’t considered doing it until today.

It’s the beginning of September and is a perfect time to try something new. One of the things that I’ve wanted to do, is to start reading books. So I’m gonna try and read couple of books in the next 30 days. I would love to hear from you any good book recommendations in the comments.

Since my days are packed, I’ve decided to trade off/limit the time I spend on WhatsApp and start reading books. So you might not find me active on WhatsApp until the end of September.

Meanwhile, you can track my reading progress on goodreads and you can reach me via Twitter.

By Maria Daniel Deepak

I'm a Web and WordPress developer by day and a dog trainer by night. I'm trying to lead a habit-based life and exploring the minimalist lifestyle.

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