Align Yourself With Nature To Stay Healthy

I met my school friends at the 7 Stones restaurant last Wednesday, after almost six months.

We had a good evening, chit chatting, snapping pictures and finding out what each one was up to since the last meet up.

Everyone except me were vested in using a gadget to track their daily activity to keep their physical activity in check.

No offence to any company that makes these tracking devices — I realized that having something around that reminds me that I have not accomplished my activity for the day makes me feel guilty even more. I would rather do something that I enjoy at the same time keeps my physical activity in check, say watering plants for example.

I was using a FitBit tracker. The tracker did what it was supposed to do — reminded me that I have to meet the day’s goal. I slipped the goal over and over because of the nature of my work. I couldn’t roll anymore with the guilt that accumulated over time. Rather than enjoying the walk I dreaded myself.

That was when I decided to change of all that by picking a childhood dream that would push me to do something away from the screen and without dreading. In due time, I brought home my first dog — Max, the Lab.

That priceless expression

Max is two years old as on today and I hardly skipped a walk in the past two years. Rain or shine, once you get a dog, you can never skip walking your dog. I’m sure most dog owners can relate to this.

Science says dogs are most active during two times a day — around 7 AM and around 7 PM.

That made me realize that those are times when most people take a walk. Aligning yourself with nature is the best way to design your life and to stay healthy.

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