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[How To] Downgrade Node in Mac OS Using Homebrew?

July 06, 2019

At my day job, we run Docker to set up our development environment. However at times, there are some glitches and at one such time, Docker let me down. I had to set up an alternative to continue my work.

Incomaptible Node version
Incomaptible Node version

I chose to use MAMP. However I needed to downgrade Node to install and use all my dependencies. So here is what I did.

# Find existing version
node --version

# Search available Node versions.
brew search node

# I neeeded a version between > 10.0 < 11. So I chose node@10.
brew install node@10

# You can install multiple versions, but you cannot have them available all at once.
# Hence unlink the generic version.
brew unlink node

# Link the version that you just installed.
brew link node@10

# For some older node versions (which are keg-only), it might be required to link them 
# with the --force and --overwrite options
brew link --force --overwrite node@10

# Find downgraded version
node --version

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