Help Comes At A Cost — Be Intentful

I love and raise dogs. I started training dogs as a hobby and now I teach people to train their dogs.

I get calls from people inquiring about training dogs. Most would be interested to know what I charge and would move on after the initial discussion. A few would take the classes. Another few would say they would get back and after a few days they come back asking for “HELP”.

While asking for a help is reasonable amongst peers and family, understand that it is NOT possible for me to help everyone I talk to. I have a family to feed and a life to live. Like yours, my time is valuable to me. I’m sure nobody wants to trade their time for NOTHING.

Despite the above reasons, I take time to help answer dog training questions I get via the FREE Dog Training for Dog Parents community that I manage. When I ask people to join the community and search for or ask their dog training questions, people get back with all sorts of excuses —

  • “I don’t use Facebook.”
  • “I don’t know to use Facebook groups.”
  • “How do I search on Facebook?”

It is this apathetic behaviour that makes me NOT want to invest my time to help out. Don’t know how to use Facebook? Read their help section. Don’t know to use Facebook groups? Try to google.

If you want HELP be intentful. Be willing to show that you care before you ask.

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