Monthly Review: February 2021

The very thought of writing a monthly review held me accountable during the entire month of January.

What Went Well?

Training Max

In my last review, I mentioned that the retrieving wasn’t great. So the entire month of February I focussed on teaching Max to bring the item back to the hand. Max can now bring any non-reinforcing object to my hand.

Training Laika

I originally planned to desensitise Laika to the sound of crackers and bus honks. But I deviated from the plan and focussed on improving Laika’s tugging and retrieval.


Laika, begin an independent dog, sees little to no value in me me when I don’t have food rewards. I want to build value for engaging with me.

Also, Laika whines when she finds puppies in sight during our walks. This is because she is too excited. This has to be counter conditioned.

Goals For March 2021

Training Max

  • I want to improve the hold with Max. I should add both duration and distraction.

Training Laika

  • I want to Laika to tug in five unfamiliar locations in and around the house.
  • I want to desensitise Laika around puppies.

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