Thirty Two

I’m grateful to the Almighty and my parents for the life I lead. I’m currently in the stage of life where everyday feels like birthday. I don’t mean that all days are fun and frolic but I’m starting to enjoy the little things in life and I’m much more content and happy because of the people around me.

My wife made a wonderful Choco Truffle cake today. I’m very thankful to her for taking time to make me feel special.

My sister surprised me with a brownie cake. I’m very thankful to her for making the day special.

My dogs are part of me and I try and involve them in my life as much as I can. Both Max and Laika behaved very well while the whole family united during cake cutting.


Last but not the least, I spent majority of the time today learning Docker and setting up WordPress website using the official WordPress Docker image.

Like always, I don’t know what the future holds up for me but I’m ready to take on what life throws my way.

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