Where To Get Combai Puppies?


This is neither an advertisement post nor I have been been paid to write this.

I have been on the lookout for a Combai pup that serves the purpose it has been bred for, for two years. After two years into searching, I found someone who helps people get Combai pups from people who breed these dogs for generations.

In the recent times, more and more people are interested in raising native breeds. The increased interest also paves way for exploitation.

People are willing to transfer INR 15,000/- in the blink of an eye just by seeing a video clip on YouTube to get a Combai pup. This is not to say that a Combai pup isn’t worth INR 15,000/-

Bitches undergo hardships in the hands of non-ethical breeders. By buying puppies at hefty prices we are only supporting these unethical breeders.

If you are really interested in raising a Combai puppy I strongly suggest you learn about the breed before getting one. Mr. Ramanathan shares a ton of information about Combai breed on his YouTube channel.

Three of my acquaintances got four Combai puppies in total from Jeevan Pets. Now the puppies are 120 days old at the time of writing this post and the dog parents are extremely happy with their dog’s temperament and growth.


Out of the four puppies, only two are alive and the other two were affected by parvo within a week of purchase.

The cost of a Combai pup at the time of purchase was INR 5,000/-

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