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April 09, 2017

Open source contributions can be life changing. My contribution towards the WordPress community helped me change my career.

Involving in open source projects can be very rewarding in terms of learning and collaborating. I’m obliged to be part of the WordPress community and listed are some of my notable contributions to the WordPress community:

Email Log

Email Log is a WordPress plugin that lets you log all emails sent from your WordPress site.

What I Did?

  • Added inline documentation
  • Implemented ‘Search Emails by Date filter’ using jQuery UI
  • Added a WordPress filter to allow other developers to control the User capability to view Email Logs
  • Contributed in developing Export Logs add-on. This add-on allows you to export the Email Logs in a CSV format
  • Contributed in developing Auto Delete Logs. This add-on allows you to delete Email logs automatically after a defined number of days

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Live Comment Preview

Live Comment Preview is a WordPress plugin that lets you to preview your comment as you type.

What I Did?

  • Refactored the plugin entirely to separate Javascript code from PHP
  • Converted vanilla JS to jQuery code for maintainability

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Easy Retweet

Easy Retweet is a WordPress plugin that lets you to add Retweet button on your WordPress posts and pages. I ended up sending my first pull request by fixing a tiny bug in this plugin.

What I Did?

  • Fixed a PHP notice

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