I’m Daniel. I build robust, scalable and results oriented e-commerce websites mostly using WordPress(PHP). I also build web apps using Laravel/Vue, and develop WordPress plugins.

I’m very passionate on building things for web, and have been doing it successfully for over 7 years. I’ve been contributing to open-sourced WordPress plugins for over 2 years. Read more →

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My Blog

My blog is where I share any challenges that I face as a developer and how I solve them. Also, I rant about most happenings of my life.

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My Pet Projects

WP Categories Metabox Extended

WP Categories Metabox Extended is a WordPress plugin that lets you search and assign categories. I built this plugin because WordPress doesn’t have a native way to search categories within the editor.

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Tersely is an URL shortener like Bitly. I built this to get myself started with Laravel.

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My Open Source Contributions

I began my career as a .NET developer but later, I chose to work with PHP, especially using WordPress as an application framework. I was able to switch gears because of my open source contributions. I spend 150 hours on average per year outside my office hours, towards open source projects since 2016.

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