Hey! I’m Daniel.

I’m glad you’re here. I’m a Software professional and a self-taught dog trainer.

I spent the last decade developing scalable web applications. And I still do. That is a lot of screen time, don’t you think? In order to force myself to spend time away from screens, I chose to pursue one of my childhood interests raising a pet dog.

A research conducted suggested that raising pet indoors makes them friendly and sociable. Hence, I chose to raise the puppy indoors as a family unlike my grandparents.

Raising a pet dog indoors comes with its own challenges. I began training my dog to overcome those challenges. The result I now have a dog who is a pleasure to be with.

Dogs learn at an amazing pace. Fascinated by how animals learn, I kept reading more about canine behaviours and the motivation behind canine learning. Two years passed and I have been reading, experimenting and fine-tuning my dog training skills each day.

I run Tap That Brain where I coach dog owners to train their dogs. I also share my knowledge to help dog owners train their dogs.