Hello world!

Hello world!

Yay! I got my blog up and running.

I, recently, crashed my Digital Ocean droplet by running a reboot command in the terminal losing all my blog’s data.

I’ve been using Digital Ocean for fours years. The recent crash is the second bad experience with Digital Ocean and I decided to switch to using Nanode.

I learnt the lesson the hard way — save database backups in a different server other than the actual web server.

The unfortunate event forced me to brush up my server administration skills, which I wouldn’t have done otherwise. You see, inconvenience is sometimes good.

I intend to share what I learn in this blog. By sharing, I only help my future self. If you benefit from this blog in any way, I would be glad to know. Do share your words in the comments.

Susan Garrett, a renowned dog trainer, inspired me to end blog posts with a gratitude note.

So, here I go — I’m grateful for my mentors who made me what I’m today.

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