Abundance In Scarcity

Last Saturday, I took my family to a sports club with the intend to enjoy a swim. On our way back home, we stopped at a street vendor selling baby clothing.

My wife and I try and support not only street vendors but also street artists when ever we can.

The street vendor was a woman. We purchased about four items. The old lady encouraged us to try the clothing on, on our baby. We had a little conversation with the woman and we were happy with the purchase. We were preparing to leave.

The woman looking at our kid pointing fingers at a mask made for kids, offered the mask at no charge. She also offered another clothing that she loved to see our baby put it on.

We insisted her to take the money but she replied saying that she saw our kid like one of her grandchildren. She also said there’s only so much we can do with money and happiness matters the most beyond money.

On our way back home, my wife and I realized that the old lady could have made a little more by aceepting the money we offered. But she felt joy and abundance in offering.

Everyone fights their own battle in life. In the world of constant scarcity, the act of the woman, a street vendor, portrayed abundance.

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