Trixie Collars & Leashes: Reasonably Priced

I brought home our third dog last year. I named her Velu Naachiyar. She is an energetic pup belonging to the Kombai breed, a type of breed known for bravery.

Since her arrival, I couldn’t focus much on her training. She expels her energy as she pleases leaving us with torn sandals and leashes. At our home, we ran out leashes in usable condition because of this naughty pup.

I was looking for leashes that are durable and reasonably priced. I was more inclined to purchase HUFT collars and leashes. I’ve used ’em before and I know HUFT products are durable. But they are priced relatively higher.

Prior to HUFT collars and leashes, I’ve used Trixie products on my dogs. I can vouch for their durability and practicality. When I checked the pricing, I was surprised to see Trixe collars and leashes cost half the price HUFT collars and leashes.

So I went ahead and purchased Trixe collars and leashes.

If you’re looking for easy-to-use, reasonably priced and durable collars and leashes, I suggest you give Trixe products a try.

Happy dog parenting!

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