Unforeseen Bite

I’ve been reading a lot on Canine psychology and body language since four years. The acquired knowledge helps me bond with any dog. I don’t approach dogs that are not comfortable with my interactions. Dogs communicate all the time using body language.

Rain or shine, I walk my dogs every day. My eldest dog will turn four this December. We hardly missed a walk during these four years.

I sometimes pet, talk to a few strays during our walks. I was walking one of my dogs like every other day. A stray came out of no where and bit my leg from behind.

For a moment, I wanted to hurt that dog in return. But the knowledge I acquired helped me make the right decision. Dog’s don’t escalate to biting unless provoked. The dog appeared to disabled with a broken leg. She would’ve bit me out of pain or could even be because of rabies.

I shooed the dog away and noticed that I was bleeding. I rushed to the hospital and got my first anti-rabies and TT shots.

The bite doesn’t affect my love for dogs. However, I would be more cautious with the one that bit me.

I wish I had a good knowledge on snakes as well. I happened to kill one that visited my house a few months ago.

Today, I’m grateful to the Internet, a vast library, that made me a better person.

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