A Piece Of Nature For Me & My Family

It’s been more than a decade since I got my first paycheck. I never dreamt of buying a farm. The adulteration in the food industry, the effect on health because of adulteration, the lack of traditional knowledge, being passed down to the upcoming generations and the desire to grow my own food made me re-think my choice of purchasing a farm.

Since the last two years, I began attending sessions to learn to grow food without the use of chemicals, the downsides of globalization, the significance of local economy and most importantly understanding how to work with Nature (abiding the law of Nature) and not against.

Rather than contributing to the unsustainable economy, I wanted to lead a sustainable life supporting local economy and inspire my family along the way.

Today, with the Almighty’s blessings, I purchased a piece of Nature for me and for my family. I intend to grow fruits, vegetables, millets and greens without the use of pesticides or chemicals.

Though everything seems to be a dream come true yet purchasing a farm comes with its own share of hardships starting from finance to running the farm. With the Almighty to guide, the learning, the willingness to put in the effort and the delicious farm produce free of pesticides as an outcome keeps me going amidst the hardships.

Privacy stops me from sharing the location and the size of the farm for now. I’ll share more details when I’m ready.

Today, I’m grateful to parents for supporting my decision and for the motivation.

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