7 Minute High Intensity Workout: A Game Changer For Fathers Like Me

Health Journey Begins

This year, I made a pledge to prioritize my health. It all began with a small change – swapping out sugary drinks like Coke and Pepsi for soda. Gradually, I began to feel a surge in energy.

Trying To Be More Energetic

I experimented with calisthenics, creating workout routines with the help of ChatGPT. I was happy for a while but didn’t make much progress. The time commitment proved challenging because my dogs needed their daily walks.

Letting Your Body Thrive

Then, I stumbled upon an online challenge at https://heal.satvicmovement.org/. Intrigued by the challenge, my wife and I decided to give it a shot. We made adjustments to our eating habits, including embracing herbal tea. However, I soon found myself missing my regular cup of tea, which I realized was due to sugar cravings.

Glucose Goddess

I stumbled upon the Glucose Goddess (https://www.glucosegoddess.com/) and her insights on sugar cravings and sugar spikes. Learning to manage these spikes proved to be a game-changer, reducing cravings and amplifying my energy levels.

Getting into Shape

While feeling more energized was fantastic, I realized my physique wasn’t keeping pace. Time constraints ruled out hitting the gym. Then, I stumbled upon a YouTube video: 1 minute of high-intensity exercise supposedly equates to 45 minutes of jogging. Skeptical yet intrigued, I decided to delve deeper.

Finding the High-Intensity Exercise Plan

Researchers at McMaster University have found that a single minute of very intense exercise produces health benefits similar to longer, traditional endurance training. My quest for the perfect high intensity regimen led me to a concise warm-up routine, followed by a brief yet intense 7-minute workout tailored for men and finally, a cool down session. With this high-intensity exercise plan, I intend to shed 5 Kgs in the next 12 weeks.

Why 12 Weeks?

I’m currently reading the book 12 Week Year co-authored by Brian Moran. The 12 week year methodology helps you to achieve more in 12 weeks that others do in 12 months. I highly recommend reading this book.

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