Thirty Five

No, today is not my birthday. But I will be celebrating it on September 2nd this year.

Every time I play with my three-year-old son, I realize that I cannot keep up with his energy. For one, kids are obviously energetic. The other reason is that I’m not taking care of my body and health to keep up with the energy my kid demands.

For almost three decades, I took little to no care of my body. I realized that the next three decades of my life will be much harder if I don’t take care of my health. I don’t know when I will take my last breath. No one does. But I like to be in my best health as long as I live. I assume you’d like to be too.

Two weeks ago, the above realization struck my mind. Since then, I’ve made a few lifestyle changes that make me feel anew. And hence this post.

Lifestyle Changes

Glucose Goddess (Jessie) 10 core glucose hacks are what I’ve been following for the past couple of days. I can already see the benefits of keeping my glucose spikes to a minimum.

I strongly recommend you listen to what Jessie has to say and implement what you see fit into your life. And you will thank me later.

Starting this year, my wife and I emphasize and offer experiences to our kid rather than acquiring toys and other material possessions. We choose swimming sessions, dining out, and hiking over the next big car toy.

It Is About Being And Not Having

Until the last couple of weeks, I used to worry a lot about saving for retirement. But the summary of the book “Die With Zero” shifted my perspective. While it is still important to accumulate wealth for retirement, we must not forget to live life.

You can be bedridden and wealthy. You can be healthy, on the pursuit of money, while living your life gathering memories. Choose what you want to be.

Having the above understanding is quite important to steer the next three decades (God willing) of my life. I hope there was something as a takeaway for you from this blog post.

Today, I express my gratitude to my parents and teachers whose inspiration has guided me to delve deeper into the philosophy of life. It is through their teachings that I’ve come to understand the importance of embracing knowledge and wisdom as I navigate the journey ahead.

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