[Adopted] Lab Puppy For Adoption

Update: Thanks to the Almighty. We found a family for the puppy.

I’m fostering a female Labrador Retriever pup since a week. I’m looking forward to meet a family who will be interested in adopting the pup.

Adoption — Any caveats?

Unfortunately, adoption conveys a wrong message to the wrong ears. Adoption does not mean taking home a pup at no cost.

Instead, we, the caretakers of the parent dogs, want you to invest the money you would spend on buying a pup to the well-being of the pup. We’re more interested in letting go of the puppy to the right family than making money. We have day jobs that pays our bills.

We aim to find the right family to take care of the pup like one of their own. We don’t stop there but educate the family so they can raise a companion dog that is joyous to have around. Finally, the dog ends up with a family that cares.

So our aim with this adoption is to end up in a win-win-win situation. We win. The family wins. And the dog wins too.

I’ve come up with a list of things that will help you raise the dog of your dreams. Before you roll up your sleeves to pick up the puppy, remember, you will be the puppy’s mother for the next 15 years of your life.

  1. By walking your dog at least 30 minutes twice a day, your dog would quietly rest throughout the day allowing you to do your chores.
  2. By spending at least 30 minutes bonding, you and your puppy would end up having a beautiful friendship. The stronger your friendship, the better the compliance from your puppy.
  3. By bathing your dog once every fortnight, you will ensure that your dog is free of ticks and fleas. In addition, your dog would smell good when you snuggle.
  4. By consulting with a veterinarian once every three months, you would ensure your pet’s health.
  5. By spending ~ 100 INR per day feeding good quality meat, you ensure your pup’s nutritional needs. Turkey / Rabbit / Beef / Quail / Mutton / Chicken are suitable for dogs in the listed order. This would save you from huge medical bills that occurs when you feed foods that are of low quality / not suitable to dogs.
  6. By spaying your dog at the right age, you would save your dog from physical and mental trauma. I strongly discourage artificial selection of dogs in breeding, unless the person who breeds knows the science of genetics.
  7. Labrador Retrievers do shed a lot. By investing in a good vaccum cleaner, you will save yourself from embarrassment when guests arrive at your doors.

Can we meet the pup’s parents?

You’re most welcome to meet the parents of the pup. Indeed, I strongly suggest you to meet the parents before meeting the pup.

Health history

The puppy was born on Dec 23, 2021. The pup is 3 months 3 days old at the time of writing this post. The puppy is vaccinated and the vaccination records will be handed over to the family. Both the pup’s parents were inspected by veterinarians shortly before the breeding. Out breeding technique was used. In other words, the parents are not related to each other.


The puppy is currently being potty trained. In addition to potty training, the puppy is also socialized with kids, adults, loud sounds and various other real time scenarios of a urban lifestyle. The training would continue until a suitable family is found.

Immediate expenses

Like I mentioned earlier, adoption does not mean taking home a puppy at no cost. We would want you to spend on your pup’s well-being. If you choose to adopt this puppy, your immediate expenses would include the following.

01. Flat leash and collar. I use the Birdie Collar and Leash Set for my other dogs and I strongly recommend the same because of the durability and convenience.

02. Crate. If you have children under 14 years of age, I strongly recommend you to purchase a crate. I’ve seen my clients use M-Pets Voyager Wire Crate with 2 Doors and I recommend the same. You can get any crate but ensure to get one with a flat flooring for the dog to step on.

03. Basics of foundation training course. This is an online course designed to help you communicate with your dog. You will also learn about the various training techniques that you can use to train your dog any behaviour using positive reinforcement. This course is priced at INR 9,999 /- But, I love to offer this course for you at INR 6,999 /-

Interested In Adoption?

If you’re still reading then you’re probably interested in adoption. Please fill up the Google form and I shall contact you. Preference will be given for people residing in and around Salem.

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