Monthly Review: March 2021

Like most people, I make great plans every new year. However, I lose track of my goals and live an ordinary life every year. I don’t want to let go of another year making meaningless choices. Hence, I wanted to reflect on my progress every month. These monthly reviews keep me accountable.

Server Administration

Unfortunately my cloud hosting server crashed this year. This unfortunate event led to a series of events that I’m proud of. You wouldn’t be reading this post otherwise.

  1. Moved to Linode cloud hosting.
  2. Setup backups that are saved on to a different server.
  3. Moved all my domains to Google domains.
  4. I shall soon retire my inbox.

Pet Project

I’ve been running Tap That Brain for a couple of years now. This month I decided to steer the course of the project radically. I made my mind to not indulge in in-person training sessions.

Rather, I wanted to offer online dog training courses. Also, I’ve been wanting to run and manage a members-only forum / platform to discuss anything and everything dog training and dog parenting.

  1. Setup a members-only forum using Vanilla.
  2. Implemented single sign-on for Vanilla using WordPress log-in credentials.
  3. Began writing my first online course.
  4. Had setup newsletter to send out dog training tips for dog parents.


  1. Published 11 posts in my personal blog.
  2. Published 9 posts in Tap That Brain blog.


Starting March, I’ve been following the deep work philosophy. Using deep work, I was able to get things done faster and better. I’ve been consistently clocking three deep work blocks every work day. Each work block would range between 45 minutes to 90 minutes depending on my energy level that day.


Out of the blue, we visited Velankanni. The struggle in finding a stay will make the trip memorable forever.

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