New To Permaculture Farming? Start By Doing This…

If you recently purchased a land or exploring Permaculture in your existing farmland, it is important to track your farm’s yields with time. The better your soil fertility the better your farm’s yields shall be. But, “how do we determine the fertility of the soil?”, might you ask.

Well, before you begin cultivation, get your soil and water tested. The test report will help you learn whether your soil is acidic or alkaline in nature. You will also get to know the list of all minerals that your soil lacks and your soil is rich in.

“How will this data help”, might you ask.

Let’s say your soil is acidic and you are planning to use an organic input to feed your soil. You can avoid or dilute all organic inputs that are acidic in nature before you feed your soil. This way, you can keep your soil pH in check.

If you’re in India, you can google “KVK {Your district’s name} soil testing” to get your soil and water tested. For example, my distrcit is Salem and I would look for “KVK salem soil testing”. While at the time of writing this post, the cost of testing is INR 100 /- per sample.

Today, I’m grateful to the Almighty for blessing me with a contended life.

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