What’s The Worst Gonna Happen?

Most times life wouldn’t go as expected. Some would move on. However, most would feel disturbed and shattered.

During those times, we seek support from friends and family. You should feel fortunate when you have someone to lean on. Despite friends and family, the unexpected events may bother you in ways you cannot imagine. I’ve been there many times.

When I feel shattered, when I feel weakness, I ask myself, “what’s the worst gonna happen?” Most times the answer to this question would be “I may lose the money”, or “I may lose the job”, or “I may lose a possession”.

Once you know the worst thing that might happen, you will find courage to overcome your difficulty.

Whether you lose or win doesn’t matter. You will eventually grow to greater heights with time.

I wish your hardship fades away. Let the Almighty help you find the courage within. Remember, you will win and you will never back down.

Today, I’m grateful to all my mentors who inspired and portrayed a life of contentedness.

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