Essential Farm Makeover

A couple of friends who run their farms, always advise me to be judicious with the money spent on the farm. Truth be told, farming is not the best business to invest and expect returns.

However, there are essential makeovers that needs to be done on the farm. This includes fixing the existing fencing stone pillars that are out of place, the barbed wires that are not lined up, painting the fencing stone pillars and removing the weeds that encroached along the entire fence.

Though spending money on these makeovers seem unnecessary yet fixing the farm boundary is absolutely crucial to avoid conflicts down the road. So I decided to spend on these farm makeovers.

We hired local resources to get the job done. The work began soon after we purchased the land.

I could’ve used goats to de-weed along the fence. This would’ve cut down the money spent. But for the time-being, I cannot accommodate goats in the farm.

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