How To Maintain Mango Trees?

There are a few Mango tress in our farm that are probably three years old. These trees were lacking care and maintenance. Under proper maintenance, these trees should begin flowering late December or early January.

Mr. Britto Raj, Agricultural engineer often remind in his videos that the care and maintenance during the months of October, November & December shall be fruitful even if the trees weren’t maintained throughout the year.

Therefore, I’m sharing a few important maintenance factors that Mr. Britto Raj listed for your Mango trees that you can consider doing in the months of October – December.

  1. During October: Begin by spraying Pseudomonas fluorescens in the following ratio — 50 ml mixed with 10 litres of water. Spray twice with a span of 7-8 days in between.
  2. Before flowering: Spray Panchagavya or diluted E.M solution, in the following ratio — 200-300 ml mixed with 10 litres of water, 2-3 days after the second spray listed in the #1. Spray during the evening hours (ideally after 4 PM). Spray thrice with a span of 7 days in between.
  3. During flowering: When the tree starts flowering, stop irrigating the trees until the fruits grow to the size of your pinkie (little finger).
  4. During flowering: Spray Calotropis Procera (எருக்கு கரைசல்) in the following ratio — no dilution required with water. Spray every 12 days when the tree begins flowering.

How To Prepare Colotropis Procera solution?

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