Farm Update: October, 2022

A month passed by since we purchased our farm. I wanted to share the happenings in the farm.

  1. We began de-weeding along the fence. We did this to resolve boundary conflicts and to get to know our farm better.
  2. Next, we began white-washing the fence posts. This is nothing more than a cosmetic enhancement.
  3. Next, we cleaned up & white washed the water tank that feeds the entire farm.
  4. My wife and I began pruning the Mango trees. This is essential for increasing the yield.
  5. The bund throughout our farm was full of weeds. Also, one of our farm workers spotted a Cobra in the bund. So, we chose to de-weed the bund. You can chop and drop the weeds on the bund to prevent weeds from growing again.
  6. Three of the already harvested areas were ploughed thoroughly.

The update may not seem much but I had quite a learning organising man power, understanding the localities, and a lot more. I’m excited for the upcoming the monthly updates.

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