PHPStorm: Reformatting does not do anything

Most code editors allows you to set code style standards. I use PHPStorm as my preferred code editor.

Formatting code becomes easier when you set a coding standard in your editor. However, when I tried to reformat my code, PHPStorm (v2020.2) did not reformat the code as intended.

I verified that the styles are in place before I restarted PHPStorm. But the restart didn’t help.

With Google at my rescue, I figured that you can temporarily solve the problem by deleting the .idea folder that PHPStorm generates.

Docker: mount: /host_mnt/Users: not mount point or bad option.


I recently upgraded Docker to Docker Desktop Community I ended up with the following error when I ran the containers with the upgraded version.

mount: /host_mnt/Users: not mount point or bad option.


Unchecking the `Use gRPC FUSE for file sharing` option solved my issue.

Hello world!

I’ve pushed the reset button once again. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve flushed the contents of this blog.

I had to reset because may be I needed a fresh start, may be I’m realigning my priorities, may be I wanted this blog to feel more personal or may be I wanted to be more intentional with my writing.

In short, I’m steering the course of this blog to reflect my thoughts on how I perceive life and my imagination on what an exemplary life could be.